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Dental Implants

Dental implants can look, feel and function like natural teeth. They are the best solution for patients who require replacement of one, multiple or all remaining teeth. 


A reliable and time-tested method for treating full or partial tooth loss. Dentures allow patients to improve their self image, and help prevent more systemic health issues.


A thin layer of porcelain that replaces natural tooth enamel. While bonded to your teeth, Veneers can help tooth shape, colour and alignment.


Endodontic Consultation

Your initial consultation will allow us the opportunity to assess your problem and diagnose whether there is an endodontic solution to fixing or repairing the natural tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges. Root canal therapy is one of the most common dental procedures performed. 

Endodontic Surgery

Occasionally endodontic surgery is required in order to remove the portion of damaged bone and root tip. This procedure is referred to as an apicoectomy or root-end resection.

Crown Lengthening

A very common procedure when a periodontist removes bone or gum tissue to expose more of the tooth. Typically to help with a ‘gummy smile’.

Pocket Reduction Surgery

Overtime the pockets around your tooth (the space between your gum line and the bone) become deeper, providing a larger space for bacteria to form. Pocket reduction surgery removes any disease causing bacteria and securing the tissue in place.

Non-Surgical Therapy

Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is the meticulous cleaning of the root surfaces below the gum line to remove plaque, toxins and tartar from the root surfaces of the teeth. 

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With specialties in prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and general dentistry, our Dental Specialists can handle nearly any oral condition and treat it with the utmost care and comfort for each patient. 

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